The Realtors® Confidence Index has been updated and is showing that 33% of all buyers in today's market are first time homebuyers- more than 60% of all buyers are putting down less than 6%.  In a market that is has 21% of buyers paying cash how do you compete?  Here are a few strategies that any home buyer can use to get their offer accepted.

  • Be Committed for your financing- that's right pre-approvals are a thing of the past.  Your lender can fully approve you for your loan PRIOR to you even finding the home (some properties are subject to appraisal).  
  • If you need a home inspection, call and book them before submitting your offer for the day of offer acceptance.  It now becomes a non-issue as the seller can wait a day to respond to other offers if your inspection is not satisfactory to you.
  • Offer the seller occupancy after the closing FOR NO COST.  Maybe the seller needs a few days to move to their new home, this window gives them some breathing space they may appreciate enough to accept your offer.
  • WRITE the story!  Sellers are touched by personal letters, story telling is what we do to market the home- and its what we can do to BUY the home!

Kelly Catallo, CRS®