May 9, 2019

Absorption Rates dictate pricing.

ABSORPTION WHAT??  Absorption rate is the rate at which homes are selling in a particular area.  The lower the absorption rate the tighter the inventory, the higher the sale prices.  Massachusetts has one of the lowest absorption rates in the country.  Being home to so many universities, high tech companies and well let's face it - the first home of America.  

In order to calculate absorption rate you will need 3 pieces of data.

A Specific Time Frame (for this example let's say that is 90 days)

Number of Sold Homes (for this example let's say that is 10,000 homes)

Number of Active Homes (for this example let's say that is 4,000 homes)

The formula is Time Frame divided by Number of homes Sold = Rate of Homes Sold

90 divided by 10,000 = .009 is the rate of absorption

4,000 times .009 = 36 days or 1.16 months is the absorption rate 

What this tells us is that if market conditions do not change that it will take an average of 36 days for the current inventory to sell.  A balanced market's absorption rate is 5-7 months.

Kelly Catallo, CRS®


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May 8, 2019

Lead Paint Particulars

Resources are in abundance here at Cosmopolitan Real Estate.  Wondering whether your current home or the one you are interested in has ever been tested for Lead Paint?  You can find out here  Lead Safe Homes as the inspectors are required to register their testing with the State of Massachusetts.

Bringing homes into compliance with the current lead laws in Massachusetts is at an all time low cost.  Here are the new regulations as of December 1, 2017 105- CMR- 460 Lead Law.  Check in with community development in your city for availability and cost of deleading funds.

Need a referral to an inspector to answer all your questions and concerns?  Give us a call at 339-221-5412. 

Kelly Catallo, CRS®

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April 28, 2019

Strategies to win the Home!

The Realtors® Confidence Index has been updated and is showing that 33% of all buyers in today's market are first time homebuyers- more than 60% of all buyers are putting down less than 6%.  In a market that is has 21% of buyers paying cash how do you compete?  Here are a few strategies that any home buyer can use to get their offer accepted.

  • Be Committed for your financing- that's right pre-approvals are a thing of the past.  Your lender can fully approve you for your loan PRIOR to you even finding the home (some properties are subject to appraisal).  
  • If you need a home inspection, call and book them before submitting your offer for the day of offer acceptance.  It now becomes a non-issue as the seller can wait a day to respond to other offers if your inspection is not satisfactory to you.
  • Offer the seller occupancy after the closing FOR NO COST.  Maybe the seller needs a few days to move to their new home, this window gives them some breathing space they may appreciate enough to accept your offer.
  • WRITE the story!  Sellers are touched by personal letters, story telling is what we do to market the home- and its what we can do to BUY the home!

Kelly Catallo, CRS®


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Feb. 8, 2017

Rising prices, Rising rate, how is a buyer to compete?

Being a buyer in today's real estate market can sometimes feel like being the minnow in the shark tank.  The homes are being priced either under market or just right, enticing lots of competition.  How do you know what price to offer?  Have you researched or retained an "area" Realtor to work for you?

The value of a seasoned, well networked,  area Realtor is that they know who is building what, who is retiring, and who is moving on long before the market does.  This inside information can prove to be invaluable to your goal of obtaining home ownership in a given community.  A seasoned Realtor visits and researches the market every day.  Even if they don't have a buyer they are working IN the market every day- their knowledge can be invaluable to you on determining value.

Have a strategy- get pre-approved.  Search some in depth places online like, make sure you are aware whenever a home comes on the market in that community.  If you want a single family- you need to know the attrition rate of condo's and multi's in that area too.  The values and availability of homes in surrounding communities also affects value.  

Interview a Realtor, find one you trust and enlist them.  They will build your home buying team for you and advise you of how to proceed- they are usually already paid from the proceeds of the sale. 



Nov. 18, 2016

Effects of Raising Interest Rates

Impact of an Interest Rate Increase

A couple of months ago, the country experienced the largest gains in U.S. consumer prices in five months due to huge increases in rents and gasoline prices. Such factors will impact inflation, leading many Economists and Wall Street pundits to conclude that the Federal Reserve will likely increase interest rates in December. According to an online article published by Mortgage Banker Association on October 19, 2016, "The Market Composite Index, a measure of mortgage loan application volume, increased 0.6 percent on a seasonally adjusted basis from one week earlier. On an unadjusted basis, the Index decreased 9 percent compared with the previous week.”

Options to Consider

In anticipation of a rate increase in December, volatility as well as a surge in new mortgage applications and refinancing is expected. Should the rate increase come to fruition, no advanced action is required for homeowners with an existing fixed-rate mortgage. This is because fixed-rate mortgages are directly linked to the 10-year Treasury bond, which is influenced by indicators like long-term national and global economic growth. In contrast, homeowners with an adjustable rate should consider taking a more proactive approach, since adjustable rates will be immediately impacted if a federal rate increase occurs. If the bank's fees are negligible and/or you will benefit from a lower rate, homeowners should consider contacting a financial institution to discuss their options such as refinancing from a variable into a fixed rate. Credit Unions are great alternatives, since as non-profits; they typically have a lower rate than traditional banks.

For individuals who are pre-approved for a mortgage or planning to submit an application, Cosmopolitan Real Estate has a team of available real estate experts to help you find your next home. We specialize in a variety of neighborhoods such as Medford, Malden, Woburn, Arlington, Winchester and surrounding cities in Greater Boston. In addition, our website offers a variety of additional online resources such as a home valuation tool that are available at your convenience. We can also be reached by phone at 339-221-5412.

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Nov. 18, 2016

Exceptional Urban design in Suburban Setting!

Cosmopolitan Real Estate owner Kelly Catallo presents..... SHERMAN STREET CONDOMINIUMS.
Developer Mullaghanarry Realty Group hits it out of the park with these 2500+ sf works of livable art!  Functional, exquisite, contemporary are the some of the descriptions that immediately come to mind when viewing 26 & 28 Sherman Street, one of our exclusive homes for sale in Medford, MA.


Designed with meticulous attention to details, this 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths is a homeowner's dream of space, sunlight, privacy, and distinct style. This 2016 newly built property displays a large open floor plan with 2 levels of fine craftsmanship, full basement plus 2 cars garage on the ground level. Additional features include a state-of-art kitchen with upgraded granite counter tops and stainless appliances, a gas fireplace living room, 1/2 bath and an oversize dining room on the first floor. The second floor has 3 large bedrooms including a private master suite, a laundry room, and a customized tiled bathroom. The master suite features a gorgeous walk-in and wardrobe closets, a sitting area and custom tiled bathroom with double vanity. In total, the living area is 2,500+ square feet on a 6,000 square feet lot size. Each suite has a 2 car garage.

Public Transportation

This property is situated on a side street, away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets of Medford, and only a quick drive to local restaurants, hotspots, and Route 16. For public transportation, there are 4 different options to get into the city. You may walk a few blocks to the commuter rail and arrive at North Station in Boston in 14 minutes. As an alternative, you may also take local buses to the red, orange or green line trains.

To view this newly built 2016 brand new construction, attend one of our weekly Open Houses or schedule an appointment. You can also email a member of our experienced real estate team or call 339-221-5412.Update - 26 Sherman Street is sold for $769,000  28 Sherman Street is closing on November 30, 2016

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